Maven. Maven 1.0 beta

Maven. Maven 1.0 beta 5 has been released. Maven is a funky tool that simplifies the life of Java developers. [james strachan’s musings]

Aye, he be speaking the truth.

I used Maven on a little projectlet I’m playing with and it did all the boring work for me. All I did was create two source directories (one for production code – other for unit tests), a single index.xml documentation page and a project descriptor – and it magically produced this.

Given how much time I typically spend playing with build files, documentation, test/code reportings, etc, this was a major timesaver.

[Joe’s Jelly]

Two useful tools in one post! I’ll be following QDox – I was looking for a simple parser when I got bored of keeping test suite classes updated by hand and wrote a simple suite generation tool. Ended up doing it with string matching, not ideal, but it does the job. This looks like it might be just what I need.