Grid computing. Supposed to be

Grid computing. Supposed to be the next big thing. I’m sure it will, although

possibly not in the same explosive fashion that the internet was. The internet

was a brand new thing – a whole new paradigm in communication and connectivity.

Grid computing is essentially a new means of using the existing ‘net

infrastructure. An evolution rather than a revolution.

The forerunners of the grid are already starting to appear. The SETI-at-home

project, P2P file-sharing etc. Its not too great a leap from sharing MP3s and

parcelling out pieces of the sky for signal analysis to active collaboration of

distributed nodes to solve complex problems or provide services.

There are a few projects working in this area, the ones I can remember off the

top of my head being:

The JTrix project.

Gaia from The Mind


[Insert obligatory cyberspace/the matrix homily here].