I’ve been mulling the

I’ve been mulling the move over to John Companies Hosting for a while. Check it
out and you’ll see why. Part of the reason I hadn’t is because I don’t know
FreeBSD from my ass. Linux and Unix in general yes, but BSD I have no idea about
the specifics. I would need to set everything up myself which is an effort and a
maintainence nightmare, but then again I would have MORE CONTROL. (Hmmm. I just
checked… they have a Linux server “coming soon” for $10 more than their
standard FreeBSD… hmmmm, maybe I’ll wait…) FreeBSD is supposed to more
mature and stable than Linux. Yahoo, famously, runs on it, so maybe I should do
it just for the learning experience.
Beattie Notebook

If you know Linux, FreeBSD should be simple to pick up. I use FreeBSD at home
for all the things I don’t need windows for: my CVS repository, email, web
surfing, mucking about with perl, python, scheme etc. I prefer it to Linux – it
seems more solid somehow. The filesystem layout tends to be more consistent
too, mostly due to the packages/ports collection mechanism. I haven’t taken the
plunge with Java on it yet though.

Useful links:

FreeBSD handbook