Its been a morning of

Its been a morning of issues so far:

Eclipse – thought I’d give it bit more of a test drive. Its been fine, apart
from its wierd insistence that non-project source files have to be in jars. Why
can’t I just point it at a directory? And its hugely annoying that you can’t
apparently specify a project source code directory outside of your project path.
My opinion currently is that the SWT widgets make it look nicer than IDEA, but
it has a way to go in ease of use terms. Oh yeah, and it deleted a whole bunch
of property files in my classes directory without telling me it would, which was

Webwork – A bit fiddly to get started with. The skeleton app didn’t work
initially, it was looking for an ‘xhtml’ directory that wasn’t there. I
eventually found it in the examples folder, and copied it to the webapp,
whereupon it worked fine. From what I’ve seen so far in my dabbles it looks
like there is a lot of good stuff here though.