Eclipse – thought I’d give

Eclipse – thought I’d give it bit more of a test drive. Its been
fine, apart from its wierd insistence that non-project source files have to be
in jars. Why can’t I just point it at a directory? And its hugely annoying that
you can’t apparently specify a project source code directory outside of your
project path. My opinion currently is that the SWT widgets make it look nicer
than IDEA, but it has a way to go in ease of use terms. Oh yeah, and it deleted
a whole bunch of property files in my classes directory without telling me it
would, which was nice. [Pushing the

In wonder what really does make it look nicer than IDEA? [Begblog]

On further reflection, its not so much that it looks nicer, as more ‘native’.
Swing apps. can look slightly cartoonish. IDEA isn’t one of them thankfully.
Maybe I just fear change 🙂

Don’t worry about me switching just yet – IDEA has pretty much become an
extension of my hands!