QDox 1.0 Released – http://qdox.sourceforge.net

QDox 1.0 Released – http://qdox.sourceforge.net

This is the first opensource release of anything I’ve made in months – I’ve been a busy boy 🙂

QDox is a small footprint, high-speed Java and JavaDoc parsing library. It was born out of my own frustration with how slow code-generation tools were that rely on the Sun JavaDoc processor. This is much faster replacement. On my home machine it takes 16 seconds to scan 3000 files (courtesy of Apache CVS), where Sun JavaDoc takes just over 2 minutes. The library has no runtime dependencies and a simple and intuitive API.

MockMaker now uses QDox to generate mock objects from source code as part of the build process.

[Joe’s Jelly]

Excellent. Any plans to integrate QDox with XDoclet?

On the subject of XDoclet, has anyone tried using it to implement design by contract? There’s an article here describing an implementation of DBC using dynamic proxies and the doclet API. I wonder if XDoclet might provide an even slicker solution.

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