This one’s a new idea from me. You already know that .Net provides a runtime-based system for accessing attributes (@tags), so you can simply do something like anobj.getClass().getAttribute(“ejb.bean”) for example, whereas in java you read an xml file, and XDoclet is a compile time system which reads attributes. JSR 175 works on a runtime system, but for now what do you think about a simple simulation of a runtime attribute access API? So the idea behind XRAI is a post-proccessor ant task which reads source code and modifies the compiled classes with BCEL and injects some static fields to classes. It injects things like private static final Attribute[] attributes = new Attribute[]{new Attribute(“ejb.bean”, …)} and with a naming convention for method level tags too. You’ll be able to access the tags with an API like this: AClass.getAttribute(“ejb.bean”). Looks very simple and feasible imho. Ideas?


[Memory Dump]

Superb. This was something I was thinking of at the weekend, how to implement .net style attributes in Java. I was thinking XDoclet or QDox would be the way to go as far as processing the attributes, but was stuck on how to weave them into the code. I initially considered extending the class with a dynamic proxy (I seem to be seeing them everywhere I look these days), but that would only work for interfaces. BCEL could well do the job, but how would you go about injecting the methods into the API? I’m curious.

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