My Life as a

My Life as a Cautionary Tale.

I forgot to swap my hard-drives before installing Redhat.

It’s gone. Everything. Gone. For some reason, a couple weeks ago I bought a 25-pack of CDRWs ready to go… and haven’t used any of them except to back up some pics and Ana’s file (during her original move). All my emails for the past 8 months (since my last backup) gone. Dev work? Pretty much gone. Graphics? Passwords? Documents? Software keys? Any digital photos from the past several weeks? Gone, gone, gone.

I just got Win2k Installed again and my ADSL and am starting the long road back to recovery… it’s going to be a long evening. For those of you reading this right now, do yourself a favor. BACK UP. I’ve been wandering around my apartment during the re-install looking for “phantom” back-up CDs that I’m sure I must have made. How could I be so stupid to go for so long without making a backup? I must have made a backup… it’s got to be here somewhere… maybe I put in with the baby-clothes for safe-keeping? It must be here somewhere…

Excuse me while I keep looking…

-Russ [Russell Beattie Notebook]

Nightmare. We’ve all done something similar, although perhaps not as serious. I once trashed an entire hard disk while attempting to restore a single file. This was in the days of DOS 3.0, when the ‘Recover’ command didn’t. What it actually did was smash all the data into individual files, each file containing exactly one cluster. Nice. Mind you, back then 20 meg was big for a hard disk.

Hands up anyone who actually does have a consistent personal backup strategy (and ‘when I remember to’ doesn’t count).

Most of my stuff is in CVS on my BSD box, but if that ever dies…

Excuse me while I go and check the prices of tape drives.

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