Quality of service

Late night ramblings…. Back to blogging… ahhhh.

I sorta mentioned my new server setup in passing before, but I’m using OrionServer again and I love it. I was thinking about slapping a hacked copy of Weblogic on the server so I can work and play in the same environment, but Orion is just so nice I decided to play nice.

-Russ [Russell Beattie Notebook]

Nice to have you back, Russ.

On Weblogic: Whoa, you’ve only got 4 gig of disk and a gig of RAM, are you sure she can take it captain?

On JohnCompanies: I received the following at 10 pm PST on a friday night, after signing up at 1pm. Impressed.


We have a really nice welcome message that we send out to new customers for our FreeBSD product, but I haven’t finished writing the welcome message for our linux customers – I assume you’d rather not wait for that and just get an informal welcome.

…[account stuff skipped]…

P.P.S. We are having a scheduled maintenance tomorrow (saturday) night for about 20 minutes … this is rare and it is just a coincidence that it is happening the day after you sign up.

A hosting firm that actually keeps their customers informed? Remarkable.


…we are very happy to have you as a customer…

I think I’m going to be very happy being one.

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