Who reads this stuff anyway?

While idly clicking through my blog stats, it quickly became obvious that I have a rather specific type of readership. Can you guess what it is yet?


  1. Netscape 6.x: 50.0%
  2. Internet Explorer 6.x: 28.6%
  3. Internet Explorer 5.x: 18.6%
  4. Netscape 7.x: 1.4%
  5. Opera 6.x: 1.4%

Operating systems

  1. Windows 2000: 33.3%
  2. Windows XP: 23.2%
  3. Linux: 17.4%
  4. Windows 98: 13.0%
  5. Windows NT: 11.6%
  6. Mac OS: 1.4%

57.1% of browsers report a resolution of more than 1024×768, and exactly 50% report True Colour.

It seems I’m generally viewed on high end systems running the ‘IT professionals’ choice of browser, Mozilla. And nearly a fifth of readers are using Linux. Cool.

Yes, its official. I’m a tech-head, and so is my readership. Greetings.

One question. Netscape 7? Did someone release Mozilla 2 when I wasn’t looking?

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