More interesting matters

As promised…

XDoclet 1.2 beta looks good. I’ve been trying out the castor and servlet tags today. It makes it a lot easier to evolve the design when you don’t have to keep changing your mapping file. It was the work of moments to throw together a couple of beans and collection objects and dump them out to XML. Nice.

Still not sure what to do with regard to persistence. I don’t need a relational database (or the hassle), just something quick’n’easy. I toyed with the idea of just storing the raw xml in Lucene, indexed on the various fields and attributes, but I need to look into the querying side a bit more to see how easy (or even possible) it would be to construct queries like ‘select * from documents where date is between 10-OCT-2002 and 20-OCT-2002’. I have a feeling this may be difficult, and probably isn’t the best use of a search engine anyway.

Things to check out further:

Any other suggestions out there?

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