Why I hate proprietary formats

I’ve broken radio. All the so-called ‘dynamic’ links have frozen pointing to ‘www.darrenhobbs.com’ after I played around with the upstream via ftp option yesterday. I aborted that idea after finding out that turning on ftp switched off the normal upstreaming to my radio account. Now I’ve found out that if you ever use the ftp option you can’t apparently ever go back. Thank you Userland.

This wouldn’t have annoyed me if I could go in and fix the problem, but I can’t find the reference that the macros are using, leading me to believe it’s buried somewhere in one of the mysterious .root files, which are, naturally, binary.

Now nobody new will be able to subscribe to my RSS feed until I hard code the links back to what they should be.

And to think this morning I’d just about decided to stick with radio for the time being, to minimise the inconvenience to my rss subscribers. Thank you for making the decision for me, radio.

Looks like I will be moving blog software after all.

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