Why leave radio?

Another leaves radio land. It’s looks as if more people are leaving Radio behind. The Desktop Fishbowl has left its old Radio shanty to… [<big>kev’s</big> catalogue of this and that.]

I’m not sure what the incentive is (even though I’m now feeling it myself) to leave Radio. Maybe its developer masochism, that ‘not invented here’ feeling that because I didn’t write it / its not in my pet language, it must be bad for me. Maybe we feel vaguely guilty about using a ‘consumer’ product. We’re geeks, we’re supposed to use two or three arcane command line utilities and a dodgy perl script to achieve the same thing as a normal person using a pointy-clicky GUI app. Or something.

Maybe once the blogging addiction bites then you start wanting to add your own features, which is far easier to do when you have the source in front of you, in a programming language you’re comfortable with.

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