Fighting talk

In the script group, the Perl subjects may

be more capable than the others, because the Perl language appears more than

others to attract especially capable



Prechelt, An Empirical Comparison of C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Rexx, and Tcl]

Ready flamethrowers… Fire!

Could this perhaps be that it takes a better than average developer to wield

Perl in anger without hurting themselves or others? I have something of a

love-hate relationship with Perl. Its power and flexibility is undeniable, its

syntax questionable. I have this nagging fear that the more I learn, the

greater its seductive attraction will become, simply because it allows you to

get away with almost anything.

That’s it. I’m not posting anymore on this (although I reserve the right to

change my mind). There are more important things in life than ‘my language is

better than yours’ catfights. Put your energy into writing code instead.

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