Namespace collision

Someone else has a software blog entitled ‘Pushing the

envelope‘. Someone from Microsoft to be precise. I knew it wasn’t a

sparklingly original title, and when I first started I was going to call it

‘Random Thoughts’ – until I saw Rickard’s. I’d be annoyed, except the other PTE

was there first, so my bad (although there only appear to be a couple of posts).

I’m pondering the merits of switching to a fully web-based system such as

moveable type, roller, or miniblog, which will involve a URL change and all

sorts of other inconveniences, so maybe I’ll change the title at the same time

just to add to the fun. Darren’s Daily Diatribe, perhaps?

On the other hand I’m no.1 on google for ‘pushing the envelope’ so maybe I can

just pull rank (bad pun intended).

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