Inside the Penumbra

Every day that I use Eclipse I am more a believer in it. I’ve never used an IDE as much as I’ve used Eclipse – it just works so great. With more and more plugins coming every day, cool stuff on the way in 2.1, and companies like IBM and Borland steering the project it’s going to dominate for sure. I’m totally with you on this one. Sorry all you IDEA guys… enjoy your favorite while it lasts.

-Russ [Russell Beattie Notebook]

Have to disagree with you here, Russ. It would be a real shame if Eclipse killed IDEA. IDEA is one of those things that just continually brings a smile to your face as you discover new things it can do, and new keyboard shortcuts. I can spend hours in IDEA without ever having to touch the mouse. And you haven’t lived (IDE-wise) until you’ve done some major refactorings that would have taken orders of magnitude more time in any other product (Eclipse included). Eclipse is good, but IDEA is like an extension of my hands.

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