Open (Source) Government

Australian government backs open source. According to this articlethe Australian government is backing the use of open source software for it’s e-government platform. The Federal… [<big>kev’s</big> catalogue of this and that.]

Yet another government threatens to slip out from under the fist of Microsoft. Don’t they know that’s not allowed?

Hope rises every time I read another story like this. The ‘TCPA plan’ (aka. all your [apps/music/data/anything else we think of] are belong to us) will only gain ground if there is sufficient passive acceptance. If enough major governments and large institutions start using open source, TCPA / Palladium might actually be killed before it ever gets going.

My computer is mine. For better or worse. Nobody gets to choose what I run except me. Why is this such a hard concept for organisations like MS and the RIAA to grasp? How would consumers react if their cars only allowed them to drive on approved roads? Or only accepted fuel at filling stations operated by ‘trusted’ oil companies?

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