Someone’s melted my keyboard!

Got a Maltron keyboard on hire for the next
few weeks. Its very strange. People also think I am for using it. I’ve just
about gotten used to the fact that all the keys are at different heights and
angles, but its all the control keys that are giving me real difficulty.
Several times I’ve gone to hit alt-tab and got \’ instead. Most of the
non-letter keys are in different positions, and muscle memory is working against
me. My mind thinks alt-tab, but my body is doing ‘left arm over, thumb back,
second finger up’ before I can catch it. Its an oddly jarring sensation. I
know what I want to do, but my fingers defy me.

Oddest things so far:

  • Return is under the left thumb
  • …as is backspace
  • …and tab

Coolest things so far:

  • Opening brackets, braces, angle brackets etc. is done with the left hand,
    closing them with the right. Appeals to my logical programmer nature.
  • Angle brackets are unshifted, which makes typing markup a lot easier.
  • The shift-lock key (as distinct from caps-lock).
  • ctrl-alt-del are next to each other and can be activated by drumming one
    hand over them.

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