Just say no…

What’s in a Game?.

I haven’t even seen – let alone played – GTA3 for example, but my GBA still has me hooked, so I would disagree with that. Maybe I’m just a kid at heart…


[Russell Beattie Notebook]

Do yourself a favour, don’t buy GTA3. Its horrifyingly addictive. Maybe its because its the first game I’ve bought for a while now, and the technology has moved on somewhat. My last couple of game purchases were of the ‘big complex strategy’ variety that don’t require rapid reflexes and thus don’t stimulate the adrenaline rush of action games.

Its also the first ’18’ rated game I’ve ever bought, and they really, really mean it. Don’t play it with your kids. Unless they’ve grown up and left home.

Of course, if you like losing 4 hours of your life every time you sit down to play a ‘quick game’ then go right ahead…

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