Open Source Bonanza

Was graciously given permission by my current (for the next 2 days) employer to open-source some utility stuff I’d written while there. Expect the following imminently, pending some minor cleanup:-

  • TestGenerator – recursively scans all java source code in a package and generates an AllTests TestSuite class. Simple, but useful.
  • JScaffold (working title) – Initially developed as a means to mock up a servlet container for testing servlets, but generally useful anywhere hard-to-create interfaces (such as HttpServletRequest) are used. Similar in design to EasyMock, but less concerned with assertions about how the mock objects are called, and more with faking up a convincing environment to persuade servlets to render their output into an easy to handle object like a ByteArrayOutputStream or String which can then be checked using tools like Jakarta Regexp. Useful for high-level testing.

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