Cold showers considered harmful

Went through the usual morning ritual of turning on the shower and sticking my hand in the stream to check the temperature, as we all do. In my case of course, it was in the forlorn hope that the water in the cold pipe had somehow been mystically heated to the perfect showering temperature, and was not, in fact, freezing. Still have no heating system. Probably won’t have next week either.

I’d like to report that cold showers are actually quite invigorating, and remark on how quickly I got used to it, but who would I be kidding? Its interesting how things that were luxury items not 50 years ago are now considered essential. How many times have you said “I can’t function without coffee” or something similar? Its just not true. Take it from someone whose entire body is numb with cold.

Also, the contortions promoted by the cold water, namely trying to wash one bit of myself at a time while keeping the rest of my body out of the flow had the effect, this morning, of causing my feet to slide out from under me towards the front of the bath, toppling me backwards. With surprising presence of mind, or a simple desire to see my own demise approaching, I managed to twist around mid-fall so my hands and arms hit the edge of the bath, and not my head. On balance, a positive result, ie. I am conscious and writing this with only minor bruises.

Have a nice day.

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