Whistler Wide Web

You know you’ve been working too hard when… you spend the first 3 nights of your holiday dreaming about O/R mapping and lazy loading. Urgh.

In other news, its been really sunny here in Whistler, and the skiing has been great. Snow is a bit slushy lower down, but someone told me today that we’re due for some more snow tonight, which should help a bit.

Next week, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Java programming.

2 thoughts on “Whistler Wide Web

  1. Hi Darren,
    I would have sent an email, but can’t find your email address anywhere, I hope you get this.
    Have you seen this review of Kent Beck’s Test Driven Development on the slashdot site:


    the review doesn’t have any great surprises, but it seems to have sparked of a very lively debate on the relative merrits of XP/test driven development etc..

    Hope the new job is going well.
    Best Regards,

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