Agile code

Tony Bowden: Understanding Nothing: Writing Agile Code

The issue of ‘agile code’ has been occupying a lot of my spare cycles recently. I think its way more important to an agile process than is made out. Sure the XP books talk about OAOO and refactoring, but somehow the sheer importance of quality code seems to get forgotten on a lot of agile projects. Agile processes target difficult projects and trust in the teams’ ability to respond to changes and adapt to fluid situations. If your code isn’t agile, it won’t matter a damn how flexible your process is. Ask yourself in how many places your codebase would have to change if you swapped out your persistence layer. I’m not just talking about changing DB vendor, how about switching to flat files, or XML, or Prevayler. How many packages, classes, methods would be affected? How many tacit assumptions are in the code about how other bits of it work? Having agile code should mean that huge chunks could be replaced without having to touch the rest of it.

XP talks about discipline. An agile codebase must be far more disciplined than a non-agile one. It has to be able to change in unforseen directions as the project demands. This requires a level of quality that is frequently underestimated.

1 thought on “Agile code

  1. Take a look at “Agile Software Development”, Robert Martin. The books is mostly about how to write code that is agile and able to be changed easily. With LOTS of actual code in C++ and Java.


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