Can your Rails do this?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rails. Its great to see something that isn’t .Net or Java gaining traction. ThoughtWorks has an internal mailing list about it and the traffic has been impressive so far.

Its just that now more than 25 people have heard about it, well, it feels like its gone all mainstream.

So I’m splitting my cool-new-dynamic-language-based-web-application-framework bandwidth between Rails and Seaside.

Today I saw something in Seaside that gave me one of those ‘Dude, that so totally rocks‘ moments.

There’s an innocent toolbar option in Seaside called ‘Toggle Halos’ that switches on a visual representation of the components on a page, with some icons for each one. One of the icons looks like a spanner (wrench), and when clicked on, shows you the code for the component in your browser, and lets you edit it!

Oh yes. Welcome to really rapid application development.