Finally deleted the last trackback spam yesterday. All comments and trackbacks are disabled forthwith. Go and bother someone else you bastards.

Not especially impressed with the new version of Movable Type either. The installation was really quite fiddly, and I’m a geek for heaven’s sake. And there was almost nothing that couldn’t have been scripted if they’d made the effort. I know the theory is that it should be possible to install with nothing more than an FTP connection, but there should have been a script provided for those of us who have complete access. The blacklist capability appears to be dreadful. There was no way to scan existing comments and trackbacks for spam, they were all assumed to be fine it seems. So I had to (via the web interface), delete 2000 odd trackbacks in batches of 100, which each took about a minute to complete. Nice. Bring back MT-Blacklist I say.