It’s not friendly and it makes it really hard to pay for stuff.

Has anyone ever actually had a smooth user experience with Paypal? Every single time I’ve tried to use it I’ve had problems.

The new credit card loop of death. A particular favourite. This is where paypal keeps insisting that ‘this card has already been registered’ while steadfastly refusing to let me actually use it to pay for stuff, eventually looping back to the ‘add card’ screen for another fun go around.

Amnesia. Several times paypal has let me go all the way through adding a new card, accepted it and then just forgotten all about it, forcing me to add the card again. Often leads to another free trip to the loop of death above.

Insisting that a payment has already been made (for an item on ebay) and refusing to let me continue, despite ebay having precisely the opposite opinion. Makes the whole cute ‘an ebay company’ logo look like some kind of ironic joke.

Workflow bugs in little-used ancillary features are one thing but… this is paypal. One might consider the workflow around, you know, ‘paying for stuff’ to be something of a core function?