That seemed easy enough

Huge endorsement to johncompanies hosting for the same day actioning of my request to switch off an old redhat version onto a shiny fresh Ubuntu install. On a sunday. After I decided this morning to impulsively eject movable type and switch to wordpress, and change distro’s while I was at it. Couple of polite emails confirming I’d backed up everything I needed and blam, old server gone, new server running.

There’ll be broken permalinks all over the place, but who uses links to find stuff anymore? Its all about the search. I’ve maintained the main RSS feed at least, using a bit of mod_rewrite magic.

Just got to get my head around WP now and sort out a theme other than the default.

Update: So it seems that the mod_rewrite rules I used have also ‘preserved’ some of the MT style archive links but due to all the posts getting renumbered on import they all comedically point to different places than they used to.  I like that. I think I’ll leave it.

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