CVS Stuff. CVS Tools.

CVS Stuff.

CVS Tools. Been doing my technology evangelist / mentor bit at work this week, trying to encourage migration away from sourcesafe onto a half-decent scc system. Not having cross-platform access to our source is hampering us in so many ways. We have no budget, so I’ve been focussing on ways to make CVS as attractive as possible. Shamelessy stealing ideas from sourceforge, I find the following combination of tools work very well together:

  • CVS (duh) on the server.
  • TortoiseCVS integrated Windows client.
  • Pageant for SSH key management and passwordless connection.
  • ViewCVS for a web browsable view of the repository.
  • Syncmail for doing automated diffs-by-email on commits.

[Pushing the envelope]

Nice collection of CVS links. I wasn’t aware the TortoiseCVS did ssh CVS auth. Nothing on the website. Does it actually work? It would be HellaCool if it did 🙂 [Brett Morgan’s Insanity Weblog Zilla]

It works fine. Just download the latest version of pageant, set up your SSH keypair on your CVS server, load your private key into pageant and use the :ext: protocol within Tortoise to access your repository. Tortoise uses a modified version of Plink (part of the PuTTY) suite so it all just works.

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