CVS Tools. I find the

CVS Tools. I find the following combination of tools work very well together:

  • CVS (duh) on the server.
  • TortoiseCVS integrated Windows client.
  • Pageant for SSH key management and passwordless connection.
  • ViewCVS for a web browsable view of the repository.
  • Syncmail for doing automated diffs-by-email on commits.

[Pushing the envelope]

I have a similar list, with some additional items:

  • CVS command line client (because Tortoise makes 98% of your daily activities easy – the cmd line is still required for that last 2%).
  • WinMerge as a slightly more user friendly diff tool.
  • CVSQuery to enhance ViewCVS slightly by allowing quick searches/reports (e.g. show me all changes in the last 2 weeks for a specific module).
  • Nice Tortoise icon sets (I like Timo) – let’s face it, the default ones suck 🙂

[Joe’s Jelly]

Doh! Forgot to mention WinMerge. Yes I use it as well 🙂

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