Language Loss

Books and Words

Learning another language is tough. Amazingly tough. Cedric is going to post about accents some other day, which should be interesting. My accent in Spanish is horrible… I feel for the people who have to try to have conversations with me every day. I need another 3 years here at least.

-Russ [Russell Beattie Notebook]

Learning another language is certainly tough. Knowing that you used to speak one and can no longer is also a bummer. Its hardly my fault – I was 5 when we left Brazil. But when my parents recount stories of how my mother used to get me to translate for her, I feel gutted that I have (apparently) utterly lost all my Portugese. I would love to go to Brazil or Portugal to work just to see if I could regain my childhood facility with the language, but unfortunately its hard enough to maintain a software career in your native country currently, let alone try to make a go of it overseas. Darn.

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