The shroud of the dark side is falling

I like Perl. I feel like I should go to a meeting or start a 12 point plan or something. I’ve volunteered to work on a project at work that is using Perl, as I’ve wanted to see it in action for a while, and I have to say that it is scarily seductive. It just does what you want and gets out of the way. Provided you know how to tell it what you want.

One thing in my defense: I am entirely unconvinced that there should be ‘More Than One Way To Do It’. I got terribly confused with some date manipulations due to the ‘localtime’ function returning zero-indexed (0-11) months, and the Date::Calc module expecting 1-indexed (1-12) months. Sometimes its just easier to have Only One Way To Do It.

The OO stuff also looks like a dodgy aftermarket bolt-on…

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