TDD Article

My colleague Dan has written his first ever article (probably the first of many) for the JDJ, entitled Test-Driven Development Is Not About Testing.

It was picked up by TheServerSide and promptly hijacked into a discussion about why TDD is a bad way to test software. Hello? Did you read the title?


I hate dieting. I don’t care how how you spin it, its a form of deliberate starvation. Or controlled malnutrition in the case of low carb/high fat diets.

Why do something to yourself that makes you miserable and need quantities of sleep more usually associated with hibernatory creatures?

Just because your clothes no longer fit, you get out of breath walking up stairs and your lifespan is shortened is no reason to give up the privilege of eating vast quantities of easily available food that living in western society affords.


The management would like to apologise for the use of the word ‘naked’ in the previous post. Which if you’re reading this on the main web page is in fact the next post. In which case the management would also like to apologise for using the word ‘naked’ in this apology for the use of the word ‘naked’.

Thank you.

Missing music

So here I am ripping my CD’s into iTunes and blogging because I’ve got nothing better to do while I’m waiting, and half of them appear to have evaporated. So far I’ve found about 15 empty boxes. I know its been a while since I listened to a lot of them but where the hell are they? Did they feel unloved? Get bored? Take a slow boat to China? Am I going to open a cupboard door in the near future and be felled by a cascade of naked discs?

Wherefore art thou Tiger?

Come on Sun, when’s 1.5 being released? Java’s boring at the moment, give us something new to play with.

Personally I am looking forward to having fun with all the new concurrency constructs, and I’m hoping that the (mysteriously missing from 1.4) non-blocking form of multicast sockets will make an appearance.


Fascinating. Frequency of blog posts appears proportionally related to current interest level.

And for some reason I appear to have written that last sentence in the style of ‘the architect’ from Matrix Reloaded.

Best post ever, you’ll never know

So, there I was in the middle of the world’s most profound blog post ever, when I mistyped a word, and purely by instinct hit ctrl-w, which in IDEA is the shortcut key to highlight a word. Turns out in mozilla its the shortcut key to close the window.