Collating Thoughts

My blog has atrophied recently, as I’ve been busy doing stuff which has left me with little time to write about it.

I can’t see any imminent pick up in activity, as I’m due to fly out to the US for several months, in a week’s time. This will be an adventure and I suspect the trend of doing things rather than writing about things will continue.

However, not wishing to totally drop the ball, here are the ideas, topics, cool things etc. that are buzzing around my head at the moment.

  • Start a travelog? Can I combine my pending travels and interest in photography with blogmapper’s technology to create a snail trail of my movements linked to photos of the places I go to?
  • Staying in touch with friends. iChat AV is compatible with AOL, so I’m planning to get my home pc set up with a webcam so my flatmate and I can chat over the interweb. Finally, a reason to own an iSight.
  • Start writing my ‘technical issues I’ve seen on every project I’ve worked on’ magnum opus.
  • Camino. Will probably replace Safari as my browser of choice, as Safari occasionally barfs and gets into infinite loops on sites with complex redirects.
  • Write down my crazy idea that Smalltalk could make a comeback if it had a sufficiently credible brand backing it up. Hint: Apple
  • Keep a close eye on WordPress as a potential competitor to Moveable Type