If I ruled the world

My next Java project would…

  • Be built with gradle
  • Use git for SCM
  • Check in deployable artifacts
  • Be an executable jar
  • Use JPA annotations for persistence

Would not…

  • Use maven
  • Use spring

Lessons from memory

Every now and then I take a stroll down memory lane and read some old blog posts, both mine and colleagues’.

After I stop cringing at how naive and earnest we all were I try and contrast my current opinions with those of my younger self and his young friends.

Some thoughts from tonight’s history lesson:

  • Be aware of your biases, preconceptions and beliefs. Consider how they might colour your interpretation of events.
  • Throwing away an acceptance test suite representing ten person-years of work because you want to use a different test tool is almost always a shockingly irresponsible thing to do.
  • A major high street bank based in Poole could have had an award-winning business banking website if they hadn’t (ostensibly) cancelled the project because it was going to deliver 3 months late. That was 5 years ago. It’s still not finished.
  • Technical excellence is meaningless without effective governance.
  • High performing teams are messy, loud, exhausting, chaotic fun and will still be discussed fondly whenever 3 or more members get together, even 5 years later.