Sportscar? Electric? Yes!

This is one of those products that seems obvious in retrospect. Tesla Motors, a silicon valley startup, has developed an electric car with not just real-world performance, but real world Sportscar performance. Capable of 0-60 in 4 seconds, a top speed of 130 mph, and a range of 250 mph, Porsche should be scared. And it runs on laptop batteries. That’s right, this thing’s electric. Quite literally.

Designed with silicon valley smarts, styled and built by Lotus. Not only is it fast and environmentally friendly, it looks gorgeous! The future of cars might have just arrived. And I want one. Hurry up and bring it to the UK!

ThoughtWorks’ project-in-a-box

Buildix has been released. Some of the build experts from ThoughtWorks have put together a linux distro with a bunch of our favourite open-source tools for source code management, issue tracking and continuous integration, all plumbed together with some handy scripts. Its available either as a Knoppix live-cd or a VMWare image, so getting up and running should be a breeze. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. The barrier to getting an agile project up and running has just got lower. Check it out.

Escaping the sofa

As someone who tends towards overdoing it, I have found the Cool Running couch-to-5k plan exceedingly helpful and would recommend it to anyone who’s feeling the urge to get off the settee and hit the tarmac. My usual running sprints (hah) tend to end up with me slogging to hit an impossible target followed by nearly a week of silly walks as my muscles unstiffen. So far I’ve had no post-training side effects, and every session leaves me hankering to get out there and do the next one. This is an addiction I could get used to.