Don’t play with a loaded regex, kids

Otherwise you might be buttumed to be buttociated with the consbreastution of the united states of buttinine.

Try the following Google searches:




And, my personal favourite: consbreastution

Haven’t laughed so hard all day. But then I’m easily breastillated.

Update: and there’s more! Wouldn’t want to be a buttembly language developer, or worse, get buttbuttinated.

Funny? Laughed my burte off.



The process of migrating from movable type involved a bit of skimming over old posts. I was certainly, er, ‘younger’ back then. The me of 2002 certainly wrote a lot of crap nonsense.

Not sure the me of 2008 has significantly improved on that score, except whereby writing less at least reduces the number of opportunities to open my mouth and put my foot in it.


Plunge taken. Comments enabled on new posts. Come on spammers, I’m ready for you.  Or preferably, don’t.

All I need now is a bit of good old fashioned controversy to kickoff some heated ranting.

That seemed easy enough

Huge endorsement to johncompanies hosting for the same day actioning of my request to switch off an old redhat version onto a shiny fresh Ubuntu install. On a sunday. After I decided this morning to impulsively eject movable type and switch to wordpress, and change distro’s while I was at it. Couple of polite emails confirming I’d backed up everything I needed and blam, old server gone, new server running.

There’ll be broken permalinks all over the place, but who uses links to find stuff anymore? Its all about the search. I’ve maintained the main RSS feed at least, using a bit of mod_rewrite magic.

Just got to get my head around WP now and sort out a theme other than the default.

Update: So it seems that the mod_rewrite rules I used have also ‘preserved’ some of the MT style archive links but due to all the posts getting renumbered on import they all comedically point to different places than they used to.  I like that. I think I’ll leave it.

Dang that’s some mighty fine internets you got there

Today felt like the first day I discovered the world wide web. Pure awesome:

Before today I had never even heard of any of these artifacts of amazing. What a couple of idle hours will find. Okay, five. Or so. Roughly. Maybe seven. Anyway.

PS. If it’s not too late to mention, hotforwords might be a bit NSFW. A little. More embarrassing than, you know, dodgy. Maybe shrink the window a bit before clicking. And look over your shoulder. Check for reflections in windows behind you. Its fine really, just, perhaps, hard to explain if you’re not prepared. She’s got 2 degrees in philology you know. Just explain you only watch it for the etymologies. That excuse always works.